Polarbearz - autumn 2018 - Amanda Matti


Polarbearz come from a small town far up in the north, way beyond any kingdoms or walls. Up here, close to the mountains and with the deep dark forests right outside, life is different. Winters are longer than summer and on the darkest winter days, the sun never even rises.


Markus and Joakim met in school many years ago, but it wasn’t until that one night out in town where they ended up talking about music for hours, that they became friends. Brought together by the love for rock music they decided to meet again and play some tunes, and so their first band was born.


Little did they know the adventures that their first band would take them on. After several years and many played concerts later, they left rock music to try something new. When 2016 came, Polarbearz was ready to see the light of day.


Two men who grew up in the arctic wilderness and were brought together by rock music, now set out into the world with a laptop under their arm. They had their minds set on conquering the world with electronic music.


They started making music to brighten up the dark winter days, but what keeps them going is the obsession of creating new songs and exploring new sounds. They get much of their inspiration from late night fishing trips under the midnight sun and snowmobile tours in untouched snow. Their music is fresh and their range of sound is just as vast as the landscapes they grew up in.

"These artists have figured out how to make high quality dance music and are closing out 2017 with a bang!"

- Darren Simko , YourEDM.com

"Duon Polarbearz från Gällivare började som en rockgrupp men har gjort en helomvändning till hittig electropop. Låten ”Recognize” som gästas av Angelica Larsson visar på stor potential."

- Redaktionens favorit v40, Hymn